Iranian statistical society- Introduction

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The Iranian Statistical Society, Inc., represents Iranian and overseas statisticians, providing an umbrella organization for Branches in all provinces and even cities of Iran. Today, the ISS serves 1500 members in Iran and overseas included all academic members of Iranian Universities and research centers in the field of Statistics.

The Society was founded in 1991 to support and further the work of statistical societies already in existence, to establish national journals and newsletter and to host national and international conferences. The national Society now represents Iranian and overseas statisticians. The overall objective of the Society is to further the study, application and good practice of statistical theory and methods in all branches of learning and enterprise.

Publications and Journals:

The Iranian Statistical Society publishes scholarly journals; statistical magazines; and a variety of conference proceedings, books, and other materials related to the practice of statistics.

Journal of statistical sciences, Andishe_ye Amari and Neda (Student Statistical Journal) are published by ISS in the language of Farsi (Persian) and International Official Journal of the Iranian Statistical Society (JIRSS)[1] is published in English. All members receive these publications as part of their membership and all of our publications are available in print and online.

Iranian Statistical Society has obtained the permission to provide DOI for papers published in two of its journals:

1. Journal of the Iranian Statistical Society (JIRSS) and

2. Journal of Statistical Sciences (JSS)

Conferences and Seminars:

  • Iranian Statistical Conference: Scheduled every two years, these conferences are major events for Iranians working in the fields of statistics and probability, including theoretical, methodological, applied and computational statistics and probability, and stochastic processes. This conference covers a wide range of topics in statistics and probability, with lectures and discussions on a variety of modern research topics, as well as in-depth sessions on applications of these disciplines to other sciences, industrial innovation and society. Beside a large number of contributed papers and posters, it also feature several special plenary lectures presented by leading specialists and invited sessions on topics of current research interests.
  • Probability and Stochastic Processes seminar:

This seminar was established in 1993 and is held every two years. The goal of this seminar is to survey recent advances on a wide range of Probability Theory and all related fields. The seminar will provide a forum for statisticians and scientists worldwide to present their latest results and a means to discuss their recent researches with each other.

ISS Awards program:

  • Bozorgnia award: This program recognizes statisticians who have made outstanding contributions through reviewing and refereeing the papers of ISS journals.
  • Behboodian award: This program recognizes young statisticians (under 40) who have published outstanding papers.
  • Amidi award: It would be awarded to two of the best teachers, publishers of books or researchers in the field of education of statistics every two years in the close session of Iranian Statistical Conference.


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