Andishe-Ye Amari (Journal of Statistical Thinking) Andishe-Ye Amari (Journal of Statistical Thinking)

 | Post date: 2020/05/2 | 

The Journal of Andishe_ye_ Amari is a biannual peer-reviewed publication of the Iranian Statistical Society published in the Persian language. In order to achieve the objectives of the journal and to establish communication with statisticians and researchers of other areas of sciences and to promote the level of knowledge and statistical culture, the Journal welcomes the articles focusing on statistical modeling, educational and practical aspects of statistical science in various fields. Theoretical aspect of the articles should be solid and innovative.  The Interested people and researchers in various fields of science are invited to send their latest scientific findings that are appropriate to the objectives of the journal to improve the scientific level of the journal. The Journal is indexed in the Islamic World of Science Citation Database (ISC) and the Scientific Information of the University of Jihad (SID).

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