2nd Announcement of ISC14 2nd Announcement of ISC14

 | Post date: 2017/08/28 | 
2nd Announcement of 14th Iranian Statistics Conference (ISC14).Downloud

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The first expertise (specialized) seminar in Nonparametric Statistics and its applications

 | Post date: 2016/02/21 | 

In the name of God

The first expertise (specialized) seminar in nonparametric Statistics and its applications

Due to the importance of providing national and international opportunities in data science fields, examining unknown structures of statistical populations, analyzing extracted data from populations,  improving communication of scientific members and improving the scientific level of graduate students, statistical department of Allameh Tabataba'i university with association of Iranian Statistical Society will execute the first expertise (specialized) seminar in

Nonparametric Statistics and its applications”

On Tuesday and Wednesday of the 3th and the 4th of April 2016 with the following main subjects

  1. Inference in nonparametric Statistics 
  2. Sampling of nonparametric data
  3. Learning from nonparametric studies
  4. Nonparametric mixture models examination
  5. Density function estimation
  6. Variable selection and penalty functions
  7. Analysis of nonparametric multivariate data
  8. Nonparametric modeling of big data.

Committee members (ordered alphabetically by family name) are:

  1. Dr. Ehsan Armaz                                                               Mashhad Open university
  2. Dr. Farzad Eskandari (seminar executor)                               Allameh Tabataba'i university
  3. Dr. Mohammad Reza Faridrohani                              Shahid Beheshti University
  4. Dr. Mojtaba Ganjali                                                         Shahid Beheshti University
  5. Dr. Iraj Kazemi                                                                    University of Isfahan
  6. Dr. Nader Nematoolahi                                                                  Allameh Tabataba'i university
  7. Dr. Reza Poortaheri                                                         Allameh Tabataba'i university

The cost of participation

-Student who is not a member of the Iranian Statistical Society and supplies a certificate of her/his university: 700000 Rials

- Student who is a member of the Iranian Statistical Society and supplies a certificate of her/his university: 500000 Rials

Others: 1200000 Rials

Iranian Statistical society members: 900000 Rials.

Important dates

  1. Final day of submitting paper:  The 20th of Feb. 2016.
  2. Final day of evaluating papers: The 29th of March 2016.
  3. Final day of registration: the 8th of April 2016.

Important points

Registration should be done on www.irstat.ir.

Paper should be extended abstract of at most 8 pages and should follow the style file on www.irstat.ir.

Paper, after the process of refereeing, would be electronically published in a collected set of seminar papers.

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2nd Seminar on Reliability and its applications

 | Post date: 2015/11/3 | Author: Joudi, Fateme | Translator: haghighi,F | 

2nd Seminar on Reliability and its applications

Date: 18-19 May 2016

Location: University of Tehran, College of Science, School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

The 2nd Seminar on reliability and its applications will be held in Tehran, Iran May 18-19, 2016.

The Seminar will take place at The University of Tehran, with sponsorship of Iranian Statistical Society (IRSS) and supported by the Ordered Data Center of Excellence, Aerospace Research Institute and Statistical Research and Training Center. The aim of the seminar is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of scientific works covering theories and methods in the field of reliability and its application in a wide range of areas. The Seminar will provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners, and engineers to meet, exchange ideas and gain insights from each other.

Topics of Interest

Statistical inference for reliability data

Network reliability

Accelerated life testing

Degradation models

Maintainability and Availability

Survival analysis

Reliability of coherent systems

Statistical quality control

Stochastic ordering and reliability

Information theory topics in reliability

Stress–strength modeling

Paper Submission (Full-length) Before February 9, 2016

 Notification of Result on March 15, 2016

Registration Deadline by April 8, 2016

Conference Date May18-19, 2016

Scientific Committee

  • Ahmadi, J., Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad
  • Asadi, M., University of Isfahan
  • Farsi, M., Aerospace Research Institute
  • Haghighi, F., University of Tehran
  • Hamamadani, A. Z., Isfahan University of Technology
  • Khaledi, B.k, Razi University
  • Khodadadi, A., Shahid Beheshti University
  • Khorram, E., Amir Kabir University of Technology
  • Noorossana, R. Iran University of Science and Technology
  • Parsian, A., University of Tehran

Organising Committee

  • Amini, M.,  University of Tehran
  • Eftekhari Mahabadi, S., University of Tehran
  • Haghighi, F., University of Tehran
  • Jabbari, H., Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad
  • Pezeshk, H., University of Tehran
  • Shemesaver, S., University of Tehran

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The Second Announcement of The 13th Iranian Statistical Society Conference

 | Post date: 2015/10/4 | Author: Joudi, Fateme | 

The Second Announcement of The 13th Iranian Statistical Society Conference

The main goal of the 13 th Iranian Statistical Conference is to bring together Statisticians from Islamic Republic of Iran and all around the world, to provide a forum for exchange of ideas in different branches of Statistics. We try to bring experts from different areas of research, and create a setting in which they have the opportunity to exchange ideas for further statistical developments. Some workshops are also scheduled to be held during the conference.


The conference will be held at the Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman in collaboration with the Iranian Statistical Society on 24-26 August 2016.


  Conference Themes: The main conference themes include:

  1. Theory of Statistics:

  Statistical Inference (101); Linear Models and GLMs (102); Bayesian Methods (103); Decision Theory (104); Nonparametric Methods (105); Fuzzy Statistics (106); Other related topics (107).

  2. Applied Statistics:

  Sampling (201); Regression (202); Time Series (203); Experimental Design (204); Computational Statistics (205); Spatial Statistics (206); Data Mining (207); Statistical Quality Control (208); Statistical Simulation (209); Actuary (210); Categorical Data Analysis (211); Statistical Modeling (212); Multivariate Methods (213); Other related topics (214).

  3. Probability and its Applications:

  Probability Theory (301); Stochastic Processes (302); Stochastic Systems (303); Distribution Theory (304); Reliability (305); Order Statistics & Record values (306); Information Theory (307); Other related topics (308).

  4. Biostatistics:

  Biostatistics (401); Vital Statistics (402); Survival Analysis (403); Statistics in Genetics (404); Longitudinal Data Analysis (405); Clinical Trial (406); Other related topics (407).

  5. Official Statistics:

  Small Area Estimation (501); Sampling Design (502); Imputation Techniques (503); Management in Statistical Systems (504); Notarial Statistics (505); Development of Health and Social Indicators (506); Innovative Tools and Methods for Statistical Confidentiality (507); Measuring Poverty, Inequality and Income Distribution (508); Population Statistics (509); Application of New Technologies in Population and Housing Censuses (510); Other related topics (511).

  6. Statistics Education:

  Statistics in Education (601); History of Probability and Statistics (602); Other related topics (603).

  7. Statistics in other Fields:

  Statistics in Economics and Management (701); Agricultural Statistics (702); Statistics in Social Sciences (703); Statistics in Geography and Remote Sensing (704); Statistics in Basic Sciences (705);  Behavioral Statistics (706); Other related topics (807).

  9. Other related fields

  Scientific Program:

  1. 50 minute general and special talks

  2. 20 minute sessions for special talk..

  3. 20 minute sessions for analysis talk about executive works statistics

4. Poster Sessions: 90 minute sessions for posters presentation.

  5. Workshops: On a variety of statistical topics.

 6. Round-table Discussions: On Statistics and related topics.

  7. Exhibitions: Software, Books and Data dissemination systems.

  Instructions for authors:

  1. Papers should be in English and discuss new findings in areas mentioned above and have not been published before.

  2. Papers should contain title, author's name(s), institutional affiliation, abstract, keywords, introduction, body text divided by related sections and references, prepared according to the style file available from the conference website.

  3. Papers should be prepared in LaTeX format according to the conference template and style files.

 For further instruction, visit http://isc13.uk.ac.ir/page.php?slct_pg_id=30&sid=1&slc_lang=en

  Important points:

  Participation in the conference is possible by registration only.

  Hotel reservations will be made by the conference on request.

  Important Dates:

  Deadline for submission of papers: Dec 21, 2015

  Notification referees decision: March 5 ,2016

  Deadline for submission receiving paper: April 04, 2016

  Notification of Accepted paper: May4, 2016

  Deadline for registration: May 19, 2016

  Contact Information:

  For further information and inquiries please contact

  Mohsen Madadi (Chairman of the organizing Committee)

  E-mail: isc13@Conf.uk.ac.ir

  Web site: http://isc13.uk.ac.ir  


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Workshop on Applied Stochastic Processes

 | Post date: 2015/10/4 | Author: Joudi, Fateme | 

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A talk about big data mining by Professor Nakhaeizadeh

 | Post date: 2015/05/13 | Author: Afshin Ashofteh | 

From Data Mining to Big Data Mining

by : Professor Nakhaeizadeh

APL-Professor at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

Shahid Beheshti University on 23 May 2015


In the last decades the Internet has developed from a research network into a worldwide communication instrument. It is estimated that in 2013 more than 2.3 billion people used the Internet. This huge number of participants in combination with the ever-growing number of different services generates an unimaginable amount of data. International Data Corporations estimated in a study the overall volume of data generated in 2012 by 2.7 Zettabytes. These are samples for the situations in which the term “Big Data” comes into play. “Big Data” is often an abstract term for data characterized by three dimensions relating to high Volume, high generating Velocity and increasing Variety. The terms like “Big Data Revolution“, “Big Data Analytics” and “Big Data Mining” are examples of the other hot topics which have been recently the subject of controversy discussions in the literature related to the general Big Data debate. Big Data Mining is the process of extracting useful knowledge from „big data”. Besides providing new opportunities Big Data Mining, however, results also in new challenges. The talk addresses some of these aspects.

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15th Wrokshop on Applied Stochastic Processes

 | Post date: 2015/02/28 | Author: Afshin Ashofteh | 


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Statistical Seminars in Tarbiat Modares University in collaboration with Statistical Society of Iran

 | Post date: 2015/01/28 | Poster: Moosa Gol Alizadeh | Author: Afshin Ashofteh | 

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Report on the 12th Iranian Statistical Society

 | Post date: 2015/01/22 | Poster: Hamid Pezeshk | Author: Afshin Ashofteh | 

Report on the 12th Iranian Statistical Society

August 25-27, 2014, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran


The twelfth Iranian Statistical Conference took place in Razi University on August 25 to 27, 2014.

428 papers in Persian and 143 papers in English were submitted to the conference, among them 266 were selected for oral presentation and 108 were selected for poster presentation. Also, local and international invited speakers presented 18 papers in the conference.

In the conference, specialized areas were organized for the first time. In this regard, 12 sections including Spatial Statistics and Spatio-Temporal models, Entropy, Bioinformatics, Ordinal data, Sampling, Stochastic Processes, Reliability, Censored data analysis, Distribution theory, Nonparametric inference, Criminal statistics and the Economic statistics were organized.

The number of talks on Pure Statistics was 65. Also, 83 talks on Applied Statistics, 14 talks on Probability and its Application, 29 talks on Biostatistics, 10 talks on Official Statistics, 1 talk on the Education of Statistics, 8 talks on Interdisciplinary Statistics, 7 talks in other areas of Statistics were presented.

The posters were exhibited during the conference and in each section a prize was awarded to the best presented poster.

In addition, the abstract book of English and Persian papers was published. The conference guide and a book on the work and researches of Professor Vahidi Asl were also published.

A set of English and Persian papers including selected talks and posters was published on a CD. The conference was organized by the support and sponsorship of Razi University, Iranian Statistical Society. Some of the other sponsors were:

  1. Iranian Statistical Centre
  2. Iranian Statistical Research and Training Center
  3. Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  4. Center of Excellence in Ordinal and Spatial Data
  5. Kermanshah Governor

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first seminar on "Reliability and its Applications"

 | Post date: 2015/01/12 | 
 The Center of Excellence in Ordinal and Spatial Data in association with the Department of Statistics of University of Isfahan and the Department of Statistics of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad are organizing the first seminar on "Reliability and its Applications" on May 27 and 28, 2015 at the college of mathematics and statistics, University of Isfahan. 

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Strategic seminar on Mathematics and Statistics education

 | Post date: 2015/01/12 | 
The Committee of Progress of Mathematics of the Iranian Academy of Science, Tarbiat Modares University, the Iranian Mathematical Society and the Iranian Statistical Society together with Mathematicians, Education Experts, Mathematics Teachers, and the experts of social sciences will organize a two-day strategic seminar at Tarbiat Modares University. 

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seminar on "Probability and Stochastic Processes"

 | Post date: 2015/01/12 | 
 The 10th seminar on "Probability and Stochastic Processes" will be held on August 19 and 20, 2015 in association with Yazd University and Iranian Statistical Society. 

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workshop on "Copula theory and types of Association".

 | Post date: 2015/01/12 | 
The workshop on "Copula theory and types of Association".

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New volume of the Journal of Statistical Science

 | Post date: 2015/01/12 | 
 The Journal of Statistical Science- Volume 8,Issue 2 has been published 

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seminar on "Reliability theory and its applications"

 | Post date: 2015/01/12 | 
 The first seminar on "Reliability theory and its applications". 

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seminar on Mathematical Science and the Challenges

 | Post date: 2015/01/12 | Author: Afshin Ashofteh | 
The first announcement of seminar on "Mathematical Science and the Challenges".

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Copula theory and types of association Workshop

 | Post date: 2015/01/12 | 
 The 3rd workshop on "Copula theory and types of association" will be held in Kerman. 

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