Objectives and Activities

The Society was founded in 1991 to support and further the work of statistical societies already in existence, to establish a national journal and newsletter and to host national and international conferences. The national Society now represents Iranian and overseas statisticians. The overall objective of the Society is to further the study, application and good practice of statistical theory and methods in all branches of learning and enterprise.


  • Developing statistical activities.
  • Facilitating compelling equipment for exchanging idea among researchers, experts and other scholars who are engaging with different aspects of statistics.
  • Preparation, editing and publication of scientific journals.
  • Organizing meetings and international/domestic workshops.
  • Collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, also with other Ministries and educational institutions who are planning for educational and research affairs in statistics.
  • Providing educational, scientific, technical and consultative services for the domestic executive agencies of statistics.
  • Encouraging and persuading researches to apply statistics in their scientific and expert activities.

Other activities

  • Organizing the biennial statistics conferences.
  • Organizing the annual seminars on "Probability and Stochastic Processes".
  • Organizing the student seminars on statistics.
  • Organizing student competitions.
  • Organizing educational workshops.
  • Collaboration in statistics Olympiad.
  • Collaboration in running educational programs.
  • Statistical consultation.
  • Collaboration in establishing the IR Statistical Council.
  • Collaboration in creating job opportunities for the graduates of statistics.
  • Collaboration in developing statistical researches.
  • Collaboration in enhancing the statistical culture.

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